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Chandrababu Naidu loots in the name of Irrigation | Called “who is 420 in AP.”

  • Estimated Cost of Two Projects Rs. 1,861 Crores
  • Kickbacks (an unmistakable 50 %) Rs. 930.5 Crores
  • After the acceleration, the Cost of the Pattiseema Project has gone up to Rs. 1600 crores
  • The Kickback for the Chief Minister Rs. 450 Crore
  • Amount Pocketed by the Contractor by changing the Project Design Rs. 260 crores

Megha Engineering, which has packed away a few ventures including Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme, was given two additional agreements Purushottapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme (of Rs. 1, 648 crores) and Kondaveeti Rivulet Floodwater Diversion Project (of Rs. 213 crores), which was taken up to forestall flooding in the capital city locale. The joined estimation of these two ventures was Rs. One thousand eight hundred sixty-one crores and 50 percent of it, for example, Rs. 930.5 crores were a payoff to the Chief Minister or as prevalently known as who is 420 in AP.

So as to grant the agreement to Megha Engineering, Chandrababu Naidu utilized numerous stunts. Preference started with the administration allowing just 15 days-time to offer for the agreement. While just two organizations – Megha and Navayuga – took an interest in the delicate offering, the administration has precluded Navayuga referring to the absence of offer limit, and of course, Megha was suggested as the single qualified bidder.

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Since there was an uproar in the media about the single offering, the legislature has required a new delicate, be that as it may, again allowing just seven days’ the ideal opportunity for the offering. Once more, similar two organizations presented the offers and keep in mind that this time around, Navayuga has equipped for offering, and Megha stowed the agreement by citing 4.55 percent overabundance (the delicate cost). Notwithstanding, under a game plan, Navayuga was given the common works, and the Chief Minister (Chandrababu Naidu – who is 420 in AP) remained to pick up from both the organizations, by the method of payoffs.

Chandrababu Naidu had assumed the key job in changing the delicate principles, getting the pre-decided offers from the two picked organizations lastly, granting the work to both the organizations. He got his cut from both the organizations. In any case, to dodge questions, he additionally made the HES Infra Pvt. Ltd./another sidekick organization, present the third offer. By chance, HES Infra has a place with Putta Sudhakar Yadav, a TDP pioneer and close relative of the AP Finance Minister YanamalaRama-Krishnudu.

Another Bonus: Megha gets Kondaveeti Rivulet Works

Megha has risen as the L-1 organization for both the activities: Purushottapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme and Kondaveeti Rivulet Floodwater Diversion Project. The High-Power Committee headed by the recent AP Chief Secretary S.P. Exhaust has endorsed the granting of agreements both the activities to Megha Engineering. Curiously, both the tenders had a standard against the investment of the organizations from abroad. The unfamiliar organizations were additionally banished from shaping joint endeavors with Indian organizations. Other than that, the Babu’s administration changed the delicate guidelines so that just Megha and Navayuga might partake in the delicate. The preference was at its closest to perfect and the disclosure of the misbehaviors by who is 420 in AP and his partners.

The Pattiseema Project Scam

Polavaram venture is an incredible shelter to the state Andhra Pradesh. Rather than finishing it in time, Chandrababu Naidu delivered the Pattiseema venture, which was a little piece of the Polavaram venture, which was a little piece of the Polavaram venture. The expense of this transitory, no-capacity venture, was assessed to be an incredible Rs. One thousand three hundred crores and the agreement were granted to Megha Engineering, an organization that is near Chandrababu Naidu. This was accomplished for payoffs. The Chief Minister and the temporary worker and Rs. Seven hundred ten crores out of this venture.

Here is the story.

Regardless, a portion of the significant conditions in the delicate timetable was curved for a couple of picked organizations. In spite of the fact, the assessed venture esteem (EPV) was Rs. One thousand three hundred crores, the offer of the L1 contractual worker, for example, Megha Engineering was Rs. One thousand six hundred crores, which was 21.9 % higher than EPV. All things considered, the organization was given the agreement by changing over the staying 16.9 % (cited 21.9% – 5 % conceivable abundance) into the reward for finishing the venture in time. The reality was – a similar one-year time span was the given cutoff time in the delicate timetable. That adequately implies the contractual worker was being overpaid 16.9 % of the agreed sum for simply finishing the work in time, featuring debasement from some portion of who is 420 in AP.


The reward provision was not so much as a piece of the agreement when the tenders were called. Boss Minister Chandrababu Naidu added to the agreement to get extra kickbacks. It is found out that the payoffs were the purpose behind the administration’s (Chandrababu Naidu – who is 420 in AP ) liberality towards the temporary worker.

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