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How a Minister From Naidu Govt Managed to Grab Vizag Suburban Lands?

Everyone knows that Chandrababu Naidu’s govt was the most corrupt one in the country from 2014 to 2019. No wonder it lost the election so bad as people were fed up of the corruption and scams that was happening in the state. Land scams were very popular at that time because the govt and people related to the party were all grabbing lands illegally left and right. There is no stopping them then. Talk about who is 420 in AP and you will get the answers immediately. All you have to do is look at the scams that took place in just 4 years of Naidu’s rule.

Adding to the list of all the land scams that happened in the state is the land grabbing in Vizag. This was done by one of the ministers in Naidu’s govt –Ganta Srinivasa Rao. He was the HRD minister of Andhra Pradesh then. Reportedly, he made a profit of rupees 604 crores by grabbing the lands. The real question is how did he managed to do it. Obviously, he had the protection of the then CM Chandrababu Naidu, who had allowed corruption to seep into his government.

Read to find out who is 420 in AP in reality:

Misusing the Government Orders

It was a clear case of misusing the powers when it comes to land grabbing in AP. Under the pretext of land pooling, the minister had bought lands from poor farmers at lower prices. He couldn’t buy all those lands in his name, so he got his benamis to do it and later asked them to surrender it. He earned the money through the huge compensation under the land pooling system.

As per the report, the then HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao had bought 358 acres of theassigned lands from the poor farmers. Assigned lands were given to the farmers and poor family to earn their livelihood. The minister bought all those lands via his benamisat a much cheaper rate. Later he asked them to surrender it so that he could reap the compensation benefits.

Then he took advantage of the Visakhapatnam UrbanDevelopment Authority’s (VUDA) plan and constructedhouses in suburban areas of the city. He had only given a small amount to the land owners and made agreements with them. Not just that, he was instrumental in issuing of the GO MS No: 290, the land poolingGO, and GO No: 304. The last GO stated that the presentlandowners and agreement holders can also offerthe lands for the pooling. It was as convenient as it gets. He got the land, and he got the compensation under the land pooling. Selling and purchasing of the assigned land is illegal and yet that happened under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu.

Who is 420 in AP? You can guess from all the things that was happening in the name of land pooling. It was just an excuse to grab the lands of the poor people.

Timeline of the Land Grab by the TDP Minister

If anyone is wondering who the minister managed to get the land and bypass all the laws relating to land purchase and sell, here is the detail of what happened.

  • The HRD minister first purchased 358.47 acres of assignedland from the poor owners who didn’t know what was happening. He couldn’t have done in on his on so he took the help of benamis. Benamis are nothing but proxy buyers for a person. He got the proxy buyers to buy the lands at cheaper prices from the poor people.
  • The lands were then put up for land pooling. Under the land pooling, the govt buys lands from individual owners and pays them the compensation. In this case, the land bought by the minister was put for land pooling and the price of a sq. yard went to Rs.15,000. It was way more than what the had originally paid the poor farmers.
  • Visakhapatnam UrbanDevelopment Authority’s (VUDA)gave 1210 sq. yards plot for each acre ofpooled land. The value of the plot was now at Rs. 1.80crore. You can imagine how much profit the minister and the govt was set to earn.
  • The compensation the minister got for the land was more than Rs. 645.24 crore. Meanwhile, the farmers were only paid up to 12 lakhs per acre. The minister had only spent Rs. 40crores to buy the lands, but he got the hefty compensation.
  • The poor farmers were paid so little for the land the gave up while the minister issued GOs to ensure that his lands were part of the land pooling scheme.

The Bottomline

The land pooling scheme was the biggest scam in the state. Under this pretext the Naidu government had grabbed plenty of lands from the poor farmers and the people. TDP leaders were at the forefront when it comes to land grabbing. No doubt all these things happened while Naidu was fully aware of it. In fact, he made it a point to protect the interest of his people. There is enough evidence in terms of GOs and what was happening on the ground, to deduce who is 420 in AP? The leader is responsible for all the things that happen in the state and if Naidu failed to stop it, it was because he was part of it.

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