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How the TDP Govt Misused the “Deemed Mutation” Clause to Grab Land in Andhra Pradesh?

The TDP govt led by Chandrababu Naidu was responsible for many land scams. There was the Amravati Land Scams, The Vishakhapatnam Land Scam, and the Sadavarti Land Scam. A new type of land scam was discovered that was happening across the state while Naidu was the chief minister between 2014 and 2019.

In this case, the open land grabbing was done using one little clause in the rule book for land mutation or change in the ownership. Within just 4 months, the TDP government had shown the potential of grabbing 1.17 lakhs of lands. All this was possible with the deemed mutation clause. The TDP leaders were using this loophole in the system to grab lands left and right. Some of the lands were worth crores of rupees, but the party leaders had it for free or bought it at throwaway price.

You want to know who is 420 in AP? Here are the details of the land grabbing that was taking placing in the state while Chandrababu Naidu was the Chief Minister of the state.

What is Deemed Mutation?

Mutation is a process of altering the land records as per the latest development. Suppose, someone inheritedthe land from their father, they would have to apply for mutation or change in the records. As per the rules, mutation is the process of changing the name of the owner of the land in the title deed and possession book called Adangal.

The MeeSevacenters across the state get mutation applications every day. As per the rules, the concernedTehsildar has to first review the applications, verify the claimsagainst the existing records & make a decision to confirm or reject theapplication within 21 days. If the concerned official fails to take the decision in 21 days, the application would be considered as ‘automaticmutation and considered as ‘deemed mutation. The mutation process is applicable when the ownership of land changes either due toinheritance or sale. The new owner will have to apply for the change in the name of the ownership in the land records book. Who is 420 in AP? You could say that Naidu as the CM and leader of the party was largely responsible for it.

How “Deemed Mutation” Was Misused?

While deemed mutation process may seem like a good thing for people who actually have the rightful ownership, it was misused by the TDP leaders to grab government lands by producing counterfeitdocuments.

Suppose a person submits an application for mutation claiming its his or her ancestral land. The Tehsildar has to verify the application and record to reject or accept it. And, the official has to do it within 21 days, after which the land will considered as deemed mutation. Now, if the persona has submitted false documents to claim a govt land, and if the Tehsildar didn’t do anything within the 21 days, the land will automatically go to the person. This is what the TDP government were doing when they in power. Of course, their leader Chandrababu Naidu had protected them from all the harms.

Technically, the Tehsildar should carry out the changes(mutation) and must be held responsible if the process wasn’t carried out within the 21 days. Actions can be taken against the concerned officials. But, thanks to the Chandrababu Naidu, the Revenue officials said that the Tehsildarcannot be held responsible for the deemedmutations.

Misusing the Loophole

The TDP leaders were quick to misuse the loophole in the rule book. Since the Tehsildar couldn’t be held responsible, the TDP leaders were putting pressure on them to let the “deemed mutation” take care of their needs. Due to this, the corrupt leaders were able to grab many of the govt lands. They misused the clause to grab many of the valuable govt lands all for free.

The TDP leaders were forcing the Tehsildar to let the Deemed Mutation happen so that they can get the land they wanted. It was reported that when the Tehsildars expressed their concerns, the leaders were quick to assure them the protection. Of course, these false promises were made as Chandrababu Naidu, their leader wouldn’t allow anything to happen to them.

This process was carried out throughout the state and most of the mutation of land happened as “deemed mutation”. The upper level management couldn’t do anything about it even if they knew it was against the rule.

1.17 Lakh Mutations in 4 Months

Due to this small loophole, 1.17 lakh mutations happened in just 4 months. The Revenue officials were worried about the condition in the state and were sure that this land scam could become bigger than the Visakhapatnam land scam.This was a huge topic at that time and senior officials even said that the Tehsildars cannot take refuge under the GO. They also warned the Tehsildar that “deemed mutations” should not happen in the future. Anyone who know about corruption in Andhra Pradesh knows that this was a talk. In reality nothing happened and the land grabbing incidents continued to happen across the state in one or another way.

Who is 420 in AP?

Incidents like this led to people asking who is 420 in AP. The leader of the party is usually help responsible for allowing such things to happen. In this case, Chandrababu Naidu was responsible for taking no action against his party people. The land scam of “deemed mutation” happened due to TDP leaders who misused the power to grab lands. This wasn’t not the first nor the last land scam to happen while Naidu was the CM.

The Bottomline

Land grabbing and scams were very common during the rule of Chandrababu Naidu. He had allowed so many scams to happen. Who is 420 in AP?You can decide that now.

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