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Looted from Farmers, Given to The Corporates – Chandrababu Naidu Land Scam

During his time as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu was responsible for various land scams. Adding to the list of land scams is another one where the Mr. Naidu govt gifted the acquired farmers’ land at a throwaway price to the corporate. He had first taken the land from the poor farmers under the pretext of building a world-class capital. Instead, the former CM of state had gifted the land to the corporates. He said that he wants to build education, medical and other institutions in the state.

But was it really true?

Ever since the corruption in the Chandrababu Naidu government became a common knowledge, people have been asking who is 420 in AP. Given the mounting evidence, it is apparent that Chandrababu paved the way for corruption in the state.

Same Old Story of Corruption in the State

During his reign, Chandrababu Naidu has gifted the valuable land to the corporate at mere Rs. 3,245 Crore. It’s not something new as Naidu has always done it before by giving lands, contracts for projects to people who are loyal to him and his party. It had come to light that the then Chandrababu Naidu government was openly gifting the land that was taken forcefully from farmers to multinationals and other corporate entities. Now, who is 420 in AP if its not Chandrababu Naidu.

When he first acquired the land through land pooling, he had promised to build the capital city like no other in the world. But he later distributed the acquired land to corporates and private companies at a cheap price. The actual price of the land was at 4 crore per acre, but the Naidu govt gave away the land at much lower price. When people came to know about it, they were right asking as who is 420 in AP.

Land Given Away At Lower Prices

After taking the land from the framers, Chandrababu Naidu then set his goal to selling the land to hos cronies. He had already allotted 1,300 acres to 75 firms when the news broke out. It was alleged that out of 75 companies, 8 were given 927 acres of the precious land at the price of Rs. 50 lakh an acre. The govt was on its way to give land at lower prices to other 32 companies. Is it really a surprise as to who is 420 in AP?

The actual price of the land in the area was Rs. 4 crore per acre. It was the decided price of the land during the land allocation to Start-up Area Project. So, instead of getting Rs. 3,708 crores for the 972 acres of land, the Chandrababu Naidu only got Rs. 463 crores. The land was sold at a very low price of Rs. 50 lakh an acre, which he did to appease the corporate cronies of his. This was in line with his famous preferential treatment to people related to his party. The preferential treatment did cost the state treasury of Rs. 3,245 crores. Now, if anyone asks who is 420 in AP and his name comes up, it will hardly be a surprise.

Earlier, the govt has first decided to give the land on lease for 99 years then it would sell it. Instead, he gave PSUs on lease and let the private companies have freehand. Some of the companies that benefited from it were BRS Medicity Healthcare and Research Private Limited, Indo-UK Institute of Health, SRM, VIT, Amrutha University, Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, Xavier School of Management, Hyderabad Eye Institute, among others. You can now easily guess who is 420 in AP.

Bidding Process Was Ignored

So blinded was the Chandrababu Naidu govt that they didn’t follow the rules thoroughly. As per the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court and the Centre, the lands cannot be given on lease for more than 33 years. Naidu gave it for 99 years.

The land allocation is always done through bidding where the highest bidder is given the land. But the Chandrababu Naidu govt totally ignored the rules and allocated the land to a chosen few corporates. All these things were done with complete disregard for the Land Acquisition Act, 2013, which clearly states that the land acquired from the farmers cannot be given to the private companies. When the govt was asked about it, the Naidu govt arrogantly said that the act does not apply to this instance.

Many objections were raised about the land being sold at lower price to the corporate and private entities. It was alleged that the govt had decided to sell the land even before the farmers had signed off the land to the govt. Chandrababu Naidu who is 420 in AP, surely didn’t care about the rules and regulation.

The Motive of the Chandrababu Naidu Govt

There is always a motive behind everything that the govt does. The Chandrababu Naidu govt sold the land at throwaway price to get the kickbacks from the companies. No doubt that Naidu and his party people must have got repayment for all the things that they did for the companies. It is not a tough task to guess who is 420 in AP.

The govt spent crores of rupees on building roads and infrastructure on the same land that it sold to the private companies. Why would they go to such length? It is obvious that they wanted to attract investments from the companies while spending crores of taxpayer’s money on it. In return, the Chandrababu Naidu and his cronies would have reaped benefits and filled their coffers. Meanwhile, the farmers and the people of AP were left dreaming of a world-class capital city.

The Bottomline

This is another example of how Chandrababu Naidu used the precious money on lands scams to merely satisfy his ego and fill his coffers. He clearly didn’t have any respect for the people, the law and the country too. Now, who is 420 in AP? Its not very difficult to answer the question.

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