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The Great Land Mutation Scam by Chandrababu Naidu | The Real Who is 420 in AP


  • The TDP leaders have been acquiring Government lands extensively.
  • The land acquisition method comes from the loopholes in the administrative rules.
  • The government officials were pressurized to help them get the job done.

A series of shady acts have marked the Chandrababu Naidu era of governance. From land garbs to using rivers for personal benefits, there is no act that these corny leaders have left unturned. One such scam that has stirred the entire state is the great land mutation scam by Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP).

Digging deeper into the act

In a short span of four months, a total of 1.17 lakh deemed mutations of the government lands took place, revealing the extent of corruption that has crept into the party. Here is a detailed explanation of the same.

Mutation and Deemed Mutation

A mutation is nothing but the altering of the land records as per the recent developments. In the revenue parlance, the change of the name of the owner in the land title deed and possession book is called a mutation. The MeeSeva centers routinely get a lot of mutation applications every day. The concerned Tehsildar has to review the applications, verify the claims against available records, and either confirm or reject the applications within 21 days.

This then would be committed as automatic mutation and termed as deemed mutation.

When the owner of land changes either due to inheritance or sale, the new titleholder applies for the change of the owner’s name in the land records. Some people even file mutation applications to take hold of the government lands by submitting counterfeit documents.

For instance, let us say that the government owns 10 acres of land in the survey no: 120 of Paritala village in Nandigamamandal of Krishna district according to revenue records. A person named Narayana submits a mutation application claiming ownership of the land, stating that it is his ancestral property. The Tehsildar has to scrutinize his application and act on it after checking the records within one month. He has to reject the application if the information is false.

In cases of genuine applicants, substantiated by revenue records, the Tehsildar should carry out the changes (mutation). However, the shady ministers of Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) have been mutualizing the law and have rendered the entire state in a state of despair.

If a revenue official approves of an application and carries out these changes with his signature and if any irregularities are found in the matter, actions can be initiated against him, on inquiry. If an application is not processed within one month, the mutation is deemed to have been carried out as per the government directives.

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The revenue officials claimed that the Tehsildar should not be held responsible in the cases of deemed mutations, which is why several ruling party members are exerting pressure on the Tehsildars to put government lands in the deemed mutation category.

The Loopholes

If an application lies pending beyond one month, then it gets automatic approval under the deemed mutation category, and the revenue records reflect this change. This clause has become a boon for the corrupt TDP leaders under the Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP). These provisions have now helped the TDP leaders gain acres of land worth in multiple crores to their names. The then ruling party leaders are on a revenue record altering spree across the state and grabbing government lands.

Tehsildars under Extreme Pressure

The then ruling party leaders have come under severe criticism for exerting pressure on Tehsildars to grab the government’s lands. In Chief Minister’s native district, Chittoor, a Mandal level leader of the ruling party, told a local Tehsildar that he would take care of him and sought him to register 10 acres of government land in his name. This highlights the real face of Chandrababu Naidu’s real face – the real who is 420 in AP.

The narration goes as following. The TDP leader offered protection from all the external worries in return of 10 acres of government land. To this, the Tehsildar frightened and suggested that it could lead to problems in the future if a committee was set up. However, Tehsildar had surrendered under pressure and allocate the piece of land.

Concluding Remarks

The act eventually came out to the media, and there is no stop to it. The numerous scams carried out by Chandrasekhar Naidu and his associates have left the state in a deep financial depression. They hence should not be supported for his views and atrocities.

The real who is 420 in AP tag seriously belongs to Chandrababu Naidu, and there is no denying it. Only it becomes the right of the people to avoid such leaders become a part of this democracy.

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