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The Yellow Mafia Swallows the State | The Real Who is 420 in AP Series

The Chandrababu Naidu government has been marked with utter shame and illicit activities for years to come. The government was strikingly cruel to the poor and made friendships with the leaders of large corporate houses and other prominent leaders who signify power. This, in turn, justifies the tag the current Chief Minister has assigned the TDP chief – the Who is 420 in AP.

In a recent revelation, the government discovered an Rs. 58,033 Crore scam earthed by the Chandrababu Naidu government. However, the most astonishing thing about the phenomenon about the act is that it was carried out within a span of four and a half years.

The Complete Picture

The story begins with the TDP leader coming into power. The government is involved in various scams that include irrigation scams and land scams, among others. In the following scam, the TDP leader grabbed 62,736 acres of land. The total worth of the land stands at Rs. 58,933 crores that were distributed across all domains and every person in the hierarchy.

From the party workers to the be names of the Chief Minister, land grabbing the common norm while the pleas of the common people were ignored ruthlessly. On the other, the experts speculated that in order to fund the then approaching elections, the government acquired then lands forcibly and loaned form the banks.

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The act started from the Amaravati district and then spread all across the state. To add on top of it, no piece of land was spared. Fromm religious institutions to graveyards and lakes, every other piece of land was illegally captured by the government. To worsen the matter, the land records tampered, and insider trading supported the growth of the act.

Minister’s Relative Dugs Up Granite Hill

That is not the end of the illegal acts of the Chandrababu Naidu Government (The Real Who is 420 in AP). In an act, the CM, along with a group of ministers, dug up illegal mines to garner profits. This highlights the respect of these individuals for the court of law.

In the following incident, ministerKimidi Kala Venkat Rao’s relatives cast their eyes on a granite hill located in Vangara Mandal in Srikakulam district next to the Madduvalasa project.

Cheepurupalli MLA Mrinalini (Kala Venkatrao’s sister in law) had severe allegations of illegal quarrying activities. However, despite the illegal mining, the company continued its operation and gradually expanded all across the region. The family started expanded its reach over five acres of land near the Pandvula Konda district with the full support of the government.

In the wake of several media reports, the police locked down the quarry. However, the place was still in the grip of the family. The estimated value of the granite that was seized was estimated to be close to 60 granite slabs. However, today only a few slabs remain untouched. This indicates the extent of illegal mining in the Chandrababu Naidu regime. The real who is 420 in AP.

Other Prominent Land Scams During the Session

This following example is not the end of the entire scam. The Chandrababu Naidu rule has seen many unknown scams that are yet to come out to the public. One such example is mentioned as such.

In a large scale land acquisition process, the leaders of TDP acquired land in Kovvada of Etcherla constituency represented by Kala Venkatrao, where nuclear energy plant was expected to come up. The TDP leaders siphoned off a commission of Rs. 9 Crore in the name of proxies in news.

In an account, the TDP leaders acquired over 100 acres of land. The concerned authorities used fake documents to acquire the land. Some of the major names in the act include GorleVijaykumar, GorleLakshman Rao, and KalishettySahadevudu. The land was prepared to be acquired a long ago. The acquired land was also disturbed by other members.

Endless Land Grab by TDP Leader

The Kakinada City MLA Vanmadi Kondababu plotted to grab 47 acres of land worth Rs. Five crores located at survey No. 231. The MLA is going all out to acquire the land through Anakapalli settlement society and which had legally acquired the land through Anakapalli settlement court.

However, the story does not end here. The MLA helped his followers grab another piece of land of the same society that was located in Survey No. 230/2. In such a scenario, a police case was lodged against MLA Vanamadi’s brother Vanamadi Sathyanarayana and his son.

Concluding Remarks

There are a countless number of crimes that the Chandrababu Government was involved. In his tenure, the then Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu looted the government lakhs of Crores. Really, the answer to the question Who is 420 in AP really goes to Chandrababu Naidu. However, despite the several charges, Chandrababu Naidu is out of the reach of the legal hands.

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