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Was Chandrababu Naidu Victim of His Own Politics?

Chandrababu Naidu is a one of the most prominent figures in Andhra Pradesh politics. He had been in the forefront many times. He had been the CM of Andhra Pradesh for 14 years out of which he has been the CM of divided Andhra Pradesh for 5 years. But with his glory, power and experience, he totally lost the plot in 2019 AP election where he.Lost, winning just 23 seats.

Losing the election was not just about the CM’s position, it was almost an end to his political career. A lot of things can be attributed to his downfall from major corruption allegations to angering people with is decisions to misreading the mood of the people and more. The division of the state as well as his breaking away from the long-term ally NDA also led to the loss in the election. The new era of politics has arrived in Andhra Pradesh and Chandrababu Naidu may be struggling to keep up with it.

Is this the end of his political career? Was he to be blame for the poll’s debacle? Did he become victim of his own politics? Find out here:

Corruption Charges and Who is 420 in AP?

The charges of being 420 has been leveled against many politicians including Chandrababu Naidu. Whether it is the ruling party, the opposition or the internet, many have asked who is 420 in AP and his name has popped up many times.

The reason behind is the various corruption charges leveled against Chandrababu Naidu. Him and his party members have been in news for all the wrong reasons and one of them was about Rs. 2000 crores that was found from one of hos former secretaries. He had also been linked to many tax controversies. Read full report here

In one instance, the Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu, his brother-in-law and many of his party men were accused of corruption. He was accused by the ruling party of being a part of an inside trading scam where lands were purchased in Amaravati before it was announced as the state capital in 2014 after the Andhra Pradesh was divided into two states. It was alleged that the TDP and people associated with it bought over 4,000 acres lands. Not just that, the TDP government acquired 33,000 acres of land from the farmers of 29 villagers and it was not done by the books. It was no surprise that his name pops up every time “who is 420 in AP” is mentioned.

The Fall of The Kingmaker

The 2019 Andhra Pradesh election was significant in the history of the state as well for Chandrababu Naidu. He not only lost the election in the divided Andhra Pradesh, he lost big which led to the question on his leadership and his future in politics. He lost to his younger opponentlike he lost of the father of his rival in 2004. It was first time that he lots to a father-son duo.

But, his fall from being a kingmaker position was due to various factors including corruption charges as well as wrong decisions. He lost the election when he had no political alliance locally or with any major party. He had already parted ways with the NDA government. Was this his over confidence that he could win on his own? It seems likely. His alliance with NDA and more so with BJP helped him in 2014 state election and that was the beginning of the end. He soon parted ways with his oldest political ally and had to bear the brunt. At the same time, he was selling the Amravati as a state capital, which led to series of corruption charges against him.Land were bought by people associated with him and his party even before Amaravati was announced as the state capital. It was termed as insider trade. Additionally, his desire to see his son Nara Lokesh as his successor also led to increase in the corruption in the Government. He may have transformed Hyderabad into an IT hub, but his tolerance towards the corruption in his government lead to his downfall.

Not Listening to What People Wanted

The ultimate punishment Chandrababu Naidu had to bear was directly from the people. While he was selling big dream, cutting off ties with political parties, he ignored his voters – the people of Andhra Pradesh. It all started with his support for Telangana and then backtracking on it. It did make people angry as the sentiments of the people were hurt. The opposition parties used the “Telangana Sentiment” to their advantage.

In another instance, he ignored the basic requirements of the people. They wanted better jobs, food, security especially women security etc. But instead he focused on laptops, FDA investments and industries. He wanted to create the same feeling he did when he transformed Hyderabad. But when poor people are struggling with day to day challenged of life, the last they need is laptop and FDA. In another words, he lost touch with the reality. The corruption did nothing good for his image or his government. The charges were piling up and it seems he was more interested in creating his own wealth at the cost of the people. It is no wonder that his name comes up when you try who is 420 in AP. He tried to play the Andhra Pride like his rivals in Telangana, which clearly backfired. People were note fool what was happening. People in AP were angry that he could not get SCS. They needed more than pride – they needed hope and some action.Chandrababu Naidu did not fair well when it comes to actions.

The Bottom-line

It was clear that Chandrababu Naidu lost his plot long before his humiliating loss in 2019 election. A series of wrong decisions along with massive corruption charges, Chandrababu Naidu was indeed a victim of his own politics. In the end, he had nothing to offer than corruption allegations, and false promises. Don’t be surprised if his name comes up when anyone mockingly asks “who is 420 in AP?”.

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