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What was the AgriGold Scam carried out in the state of AP?

Lakhs and lakhs of people comprising of the small-time workers, farmers, and even the ordinary people went ahead and invested the savings of their life in AgriGold after being cunningly lured by the one who is 420 in AP and his Benamis. And what AgriGold did is –went ahead and used up the people’s money in making a purchase of properties all across the state.

But, what Chandrababu’s Naidu’s people did is left the poor people high and dry. Although the government should have had taken the initiative to arrest the corrupted people behind the scam and sold the properties owned by AgriGold’s top managers, nothing of that sort could take. Instead, the AgriGold managers were aware of the situation way before and had already liquidated their properties and transferred the funds into their private accounts.

More details about the AgriGold Scam:

The shocking part about this scam was, all of the transactions in secrecy by the AgriGold management were carried out with a back up from Babu’s government. As a state of quid pro quo, the management of AgriGold sold off valuable pieces of land to one who is 420 in AP, his family members, and his crony ministers for minimal amounts. Not only this, but also the delay is done by Chandrababu’s officials in arresting the accused members of the company and seizing their properties, suggests a more complicated nexus formed between the TDP Benamis and the AgriGold management.

It is not about bombarding all the most important secrets your way than it is about revealing the truth in front of the people of AP. Did you know that on 30th April 2016, Doppa Rammohan, who was the vice-chairman of AgriGold, joined TDP? This should reflect on the relationship that AgriGold and TDP had in the first place.

The AgriGold Scam, which was viciously backed by the one who is 420 in AP, added up to an amount of Rs 35,000 crores. The hard-earned money of the needy depositors vanished into thin air because of this pathetic scam. The worst part is –the former CM, who should have been the protector of people of the state, was one of the reasons behind such a fraud.

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